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" I was struck by how carefully Claire (My principal designer) listened to exactly what I was wanting to achieve. So much so, I fell in love with one of her initial design proposals. It was amazing how the look grew out of one piece of fabric. This influenced all future decisions. I am delighted with the overall look and feel of the apartment. It is just what I wanted. All the individual components, the colour palette and the overall styling work so well together."

City Centre Apartment

15 years after we first worked with this customer, we were delighted to be commissioned with the full design of a new apartment, from concept through to completion.

Together we totally reconfigured the space to create the interchangeable zones the customer required. Using sliding doors between the kitchen and living room gave the opportunity for privacy when using the sofa as a sofa bed for guests, whilst being open and maximising space for everyday use.

The soft furnishing and upholstery scheme grew organically from a single fabric the customer had fallen in love with during our initial presentation of ideas.

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